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The law can be complex and confusing at times. That’s one reason why people like me have a job. A big part of what I do is make the legal process as simple and stress-free as possible.

-Gabi Curcio, Litigation Assistant

Gabi Curcio is a Litigation Assistant at Donoghue Solicitors. She is based at our 25 Hatton Garden, Liverpool offices. Gabi helps people throughout England and Wales with their civil compensation claims. Where possible, she represents clients on a “no win no fee” basis.

Mo Gulaid

I had the privilege of working with Jack Hudson and Gabi from Donoghue Solicitors, and I couldn’t be more impressed with their professionalism and dedication. From the moment I reached out to them, Jack and Gabi kept me informed at every stage of my case, ensuring I understood the process and my options. Their meticulous attention to detail and clear communication made me feel like a valued client throughout.

What truly amazed me was the outcome they achieved. The compensation I received was far beyond what I had expected, and I believe it’s a testament to Donoghue solicitors team unwavering commitment to fighting for their clients. Their expertise and strategic approach truly made a difference in my case.

I wholeheartedly recommend Donoghue Solicitors to anyone seeking personal injury solicitors who go above and beyond. Jack Hudson and Gabi not only secured the compensation I deserved but also provided the support and guidance I needed during a challenging time. Thank you, Jack Hudson and Gabi, for your exceptional service.”

Gabi Curcio’s Role at Donoghue Solicitors

In her role as a litigation assistant, Gabi helps clients win their claims with guidance and supervision from our solicitor director Kevin Donoghue. Where appropriate, Ms Curcio also helps her colleagues Daniel Fitzsimmons, Jack Hudson, and Chloe Cuthbert with their cases.

She works exclusively in the field of civil litigation and is especially well known for her work in personal injury accident claims, including:

Gabi has nearly 20 years’ experience in the demanding area of personal injury law. During that time, she has worked on many complex and high value compensation cases in both small and large law firms.

She uses her practical and academic knowledge of personal injury law, together with her extensive procedural know-how, to help her clients get the best results, and maximum compensation, possible.

I would be happy to recommend you and your firm to any friends or family in need of legal support. I plan to put in a good word for you with Kevin and you can expect a five-star Google review mentioning you by name.


What You Can Expect When You Instruct Gabi Curcio

One of the main advantages of working with Gabi Curcio is that, most of the time, she deals with her clients and their cases from start to finish. This means that Gabi can make sure her clients’ needs are completely met throughout the legal process. Depending on the case, she helps with things like:

  • arranging appropriate medical treatment such as physiotherapy
  • claiming out-of-pocket expenses
  • other issues which arise before compensation is paid.

To Ms Curcio, helping people deal with the practical issues and problems that come with an accident is every bit as important as the settlement money they receive at the end. As one client wrote:

Hi Gabi,

I’m really impressed with the leg work you’ve done. The attention given to my case was immediate and thoughtful. At a time when my employers let me down you made me feel listened to. I was made to believe I was ‘acting a victim’ by my colleagues but you showed me that this is a tactic by employers so they don’t have to be responsible for their actions. I’ve realised now that I never deserved to be in this position and you fighting my battle for me makes me feel important and cared about. You’re a very smart person and have a bright future ahead of you. Please pass this e-mail onto your employers because as someone who understands good work going unnoticed you deserve the recognition of a good job.

Thank you.


More About Gabi Curcio, Litigation Assistant

As with many of her colleagues at Donoghue Solicitors, Gabi’s professional background includes legal studies with CILEX, which allowed her to combine on-the-job training with coursework and classroom education.

Gabi is a working mum who lives and works in Merseyside. Raising children with her partner means that she has developed exceptional time management and people skills, which benefit her at work too.

How to Contact Gabi Curcio

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