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‘I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer who represents claimants. Helping people get the justice they deserve is the perfect use of my talents.’

-Kemmi Alfa, Chartered Legal Executive

Kemmi Alfa, LLB. (Hons) FCILEX is a Chartered Legal Executive at Donoghue Solicitors.

Mrs Alfa (née Kemmi Heath McDonald) is a specialist civil litigator who works at Donoghue Solicitors in Hatton Garden, Liverpool. Kemmi represents clients throughout England and Wales.

Highly recommend Donoghue Solicitors and Kemmi Heath Mcdonald, Took on my case against the police (and won), everything went smoothly and was hassle free. Kemmi was extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process

-Steven Oughton

Kemmi Alfa’s Role at Donoghue Solicitors

Mrs Alfa is a full-time practising Chartered Legal Executive. She represents clients in their:

  1. civil actions against the police
  2. sexual abuse compensation claims
  3. data protection breach claims.

Kemmi also supervises and trains others within the firm.

 From the very first phonecall where I was offered some free advice, to the very last to settle my claim, Kemmi went above and beyond to make the whole process simple and stress free. I had regular contact keeping me up to date and was informed of every progress. The length of time it took to settle my claim was significantly less than I had anticipated, and the payment I received was considerably more. Donoghue solicitors are very good at what they do and were a pleasure to deal with. I now feel I’ve been served justice with everything that happened. Thank-you so very much again.

  • -Tyler Donovan

Professional Accreditations and Memberships

Mrs Alfa is a Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. You can confirm this by checking her official listing here. She is an active member of the following professional organisations:

  1. Police Action Lawyers Group
  2. Inquest Lawyers Group
  3. Human Rights Lawyers Association
  4. Liverpool Law Society
  5. CILEx BAME Specialist Reference Group

Her involvement in these bodies means that Mrs Alfa keeps up-to-date on the latest developments in the law, especially those affecting her clients in civil actions against the police.

Screenshot of the CILEX website showing Kemmi Alfa's FCILEx listing and confirming that she is a Chartered Legal Executive.

Worked with kemmi, can’t thank donoghue solicitors enough for what they have done for me. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

Aron Baldwin

Why you can trust Kemmi with your civil actions against the police claim

Kemmi Alfa is a qualified Chartered Legal Executive. She has spent many years studying, passing rigorous exams, and practising law. She works in the niche area of civil actions against the police and associated areas of law. Read what people think of Kemmi’s legal services on Google, Facebook, Freeindex and ReviewSolicitors.

Can’t thank Kemmi and the team enough for how they dealt with my Police complaint.

Polite, friendly, always willing to chat; the perfect blend of informal and formal.

Couldn’t recommend highly enough if I tried – 5* just isn’t enough. –

Paul Jamieson

She has a broad range of experience of suing the police and other detaining authorities. Kemmi helps clients with:

Just like to thank Kemmi Alfa from Donoghue Solicitors team, absolute legend. Very kind and patient, and also very smart. Thank you for helping me with my case, I’m very grateful.

-Lord Akrasi

Donoghue Solicitors’ Team of Expert Civil Actions Against the Police Lawyers

Mrs Alfa is part of a team of specialist actions against the police lawyers. These include nationally-known lawyers Kevin Donoghue, Daniel Fitzsimmons, Jack Hudson, and Chloe Cuthbert.

Together the lawyers at Donoghue Solicitors have decades of experience suing the police. They have represented clients against most of the forces throughout England and Wales.

Kemmi was given my case and she absolutely smashed it! Not only winning the case but always on hand with updates and to answer any questions I had. 10/10 would recommend

Davyd Edwards

Case Studies Show How We Help Clients Sue the Police

Read our case reports to learn about the kinds of claims against the police we pursue. These case studies include one in which Kemmi Alfa helped a client get £10,000 compensation after his wrongful conditional caution arrest.  Contact Kemmi to find out if she can help you too. Where appropriate Kemmi and her colleagues represent clients on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

I was lucky to have Kemmi Heath as my solicitor, my case was a tricky one but I felt very taken care of with regular updates and a genuine passion for what she does. Always recommend to people.

-Marc Ryan

More About Kemmi Alfa

Kemmi Alfa is a Liverpool-based chartered legal executive. She grew up and was educated in the city, before getting a First Class Honours degree in Law from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Before joining Donoghue Solicitors Mrs Alfa worked at other Liverpool law firms.  Kemmi furthered her own career by working evenings and weekends to qualify as a legal executive. She brings that strong work ethic and dedication to her clients’ cases.

Kemmi has worked with Merseyside Police Commissioner’s Youth Advisory Group and the Anthony Walker Foundation. Her mixed ethnic background (Native American/ African) gives Mrs Alfa a unique perspective on policing issues involving minorities.

Outside of work she enjoys cross-fit, boxing, renovating houses, and spending time with family.

Incredible service and care provided by Kemmi, very professional at all times, answered all my questions, will contact you again if I ever need the services you offer Thank you so much.

-James Smith

How to Contact Kemmi Alfa, Legal Executive

You can contact Kemmi Alfa LLB. (Hons) FCILEx,:

  1. By completing the short form on this page
  2. Call Kemmi on 08000 124 246 (or 0151 236 1336)
  3. Write to her at Donoghue Solicitors, 25 Hatton Garden, Liverpool, L3 2FE.