About Thomas O’Sullivan, Trainee Chartered Legal Executive

Photo of Thomas O'Sullivan, trainee legal executive at Donoghue Solicitors

Thomas O’Sullivan is a claimant lawyer at Donoghue Solicitors

I’m a “poacher turned gamekeeper”. I use my experience as a lawyer working for defendant insurance companies to help claimants get the compensation and justice they deserve.

-Thomas O’Sullivan, Trainee Chartered Legal Executive

Thomas O’Sullivan is a Trainee Chartered Legal Executive at Donoghue Solicitors. He is a civil litigation lawyer based at our Liverpool offices.

Mr O’Sullivan represents claimants throughout England and Wales in their compensation claims.

Thomas O’Sullivan’s job at Donoghue Solicitors

Thomas O’Sullivan is a full-time trainee chartered legal executive. He is a practising lawyer who helps:

  1. claimants win their compensation claims
  2. his colleagues Kevin Donoghue, Daniel Fitzsimmons, Kemmi Alfa, and Jack Hudson represent their clients
  3. other colleagues within the firm fulfil their duties.

What kinds of cases does Thomas help with?

Thomas O’Sullivan represents claimants in civil compensation claims. He is primarily involved in personal injury matters. These include:

Mr O’Sullivan also helps clients with their:

He also assists his colleagues with their clients’ cases, which include matters in the categories above, and:

Thomas O’Sullivan’s professional status and memberships

Thomas O’Sullivan is a trainee chartered legal executive.

He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). He is currently studying (and passing) the necessary exams to become a Chartered Legal Executive.

As well as membership in CILEx, Thomas is an active member in:

  1. Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers is a not-for-profit campaigning organisation. Its members include solicitors, barristers, chartered legal executives, and others.

Thomas and his fellow members of Apil are dedicated to protecting and improving the rights of injured people.

  1. Liverpool Law Society

Thomas is a member of Liverpool Law Society, one of the largest local law societies in England and Wales. The Society promotes access to justice for the public among other things.

Mr O’Sullivan’s clients benefit from his membership of the Liverpool Law Society. Through training, bulletins, and networking, the Society helps Thomas stay up-to-date on legal issues, cases etc. He uses this knowledge and experience to help his clients win their claims.

Why you can trust Mr O’Sullivan with your compensation claim

As a trainee chartered legal executive, Thomas O’Sullivan is dedicated to fighting for the rights of his clients. He works hard to make sure that they receive the maximum compensation in the shortest possible time.

Thomas O’Sullivan has an unusual background for a claimant lawyer. He previously represented defendants and insurers before joining Donoghue Solicitors.

Now Thomas represents claimants, never insurers. For Mr O’Sullivan, the switch from defendant to claimant lawyer was hugely satisfying. Thomas is laser-focused on helping his clients. He uses his experience working for “the other side” to help claimants get justice.

You can read why Thomas prefers acting for claimants in this blog post: Five Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Claimants.

How does Thomas O’Sullivan fit in Donoghue Solicitors’ team?

Thomas O’Sullivan is one member of a dedicated team of specialist compensation claims lawyers.

He works with Kevin Donoghue, Daniel Fitzsimmons, Kemmi Alfa, and Jack Hudson. They are qualified lawyers who share many decades’ experience fighting for claimants’ rights.

As well as representing his own clients, Thomas frequently assists his colleagues with new client inquiries and progressing their clients’ claims.

More about Thomas

Among other things, Thomas studied law and Mandarin Chinese at school. He has travelled extensively, including to China, where his brother works as a teacher.

Outside of work he enjoys playing guitar (badly!), supporting his beloved Everton FC, exercising, and socialising with family and friends.

How to contact Mr O’Sullivan

Contact Thomas O’Sullivan, trainee chartered legal executive, to start your compensation claim by: