Dock Accidents

Dock accident claims can be devastating for those involved. If you have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in such an accident you will know that the large amount of big, potentially dangerous equipment (such as straddle carriers) can cause serious injury.

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What makes dock accident claims special?

Dock accident claims share much in common with other work accidents or construction accident cases. The regulations, laws and cases which help prove those cases can often be used by your accident at work solicitor to help prove your claim.

However, dock accidents are different due to the unusual equipment and terminology used. Descriptions of equipment and people are crucial in explaining accident circumstances to insurers for the dock companies, the experts and court. Unless your solicitor can identify and explain your case correctly, you may struggle to prove your claim.

For example, technical terms such as ‘ro-ro’ may have been heard by anyone who has ever taken a ferry, but what about ‘monkey’s fist’, ‘elephant’s foot’ and ‘breast line’?

Donoghue Solicitors have accident at work solicitors who know these terms and many others, and understand how they relate to your accident. This also makes it easier for you to explain the accident, and ensures that you have confidence in your lawyer from the beginning.

Can my employer sack me if I make docker compensation claims?

We are well aware that employers, particularly in the dock industry, may try and put pressure on you not to claim after an accident. However, it is your legal right to be compensated, and your employers are forbidden by law from holding that right against you. We can help with advice and assistance to ensure that your employers take their legal obligation to you seriously. Our solicitors will advise you fully about this when you speak to us.

What dock accident claims can I make?

The most obvious thing is a personal injury claim. For anyone who has been involved in an accident, they will know that calculating the amount for injury compensation is very difficult, as your solicitor and the courts rely on previous cases and experience to value them rather than precise figures.

However, there are guidelines which we have used to provide a free, no obligation compensation calculator. Feel free to try it before getting in touch.

As well as compensation for your personal injuries, you should also claim damages for things which are able to be valued, such as lost earnings, care, private medical treatment, out of pocket expenses etc.

Your solicitor will work with you to prove these losses so as to put you in the position as if the accident did not happen.

How much will it cost to make my docker compensation claims?

If you ask Donoghue Solicitors to deal with your claim, where appropriate we will provide you with an accident at work solicitor who works on a no win no fee basis. Click on the link to read more about our promise to you, which we believe is the best around.

How do I get a solicitor to start my dock accident claims?

We have solicitors ready and waiting to discuss your claim with you for free, and with no obligation.

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