Factory Accidents

Have you been injured at work in a factory? If so, we can help you recover the compensation you deserve (where appropriate on a no win no fee basis).

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Donoghue Solicitors is a specialist compensation claims law firm. We are accident claims specialists who can help you recover damages for your factory accident claims, lost earnings and other losses, quickly and without fuss.

What are factory accident at work claims?

Factory accident at work claims, or just factory accident claims, come about when you are injured while at work or visiting such premises. The workplace involved is usually in a factory, but can also be in the surrounding areas, such as stairwells, offices etc. The law is complicated in factory accident claims because it is made up of statute, such as the Factories Act 1961, and common law (created by the courts to interpret statute). There are also numerous other guidelines and rules, such as those created by the Health and Safety Executive, which assist in identifying whether your claim would fall within this definition or otherwise.  Your Donoghue Solicitors accident lawyer will advise you further when s/he speaks with you.

What sort of accidents come within the definition of ‘factory accidents’?

As explained above, if you have been injured while at work, there is a good chance that your claim may come within the factory accident regulations. For instance, if you have been injured due to the carelessness of someone else while using dangerous or defective equipment, this may result in proving a breach on the part of your employers. Similarly, not being properly trained to use work equipment, being given inadequate clothing or tools, slipping on the floor etc. could also indicate a failing on the part of your employers.

Why does it matter that my claim is defined as a factory accident claim?

If your claim falls within the definition, your accident claims solicitor may be able to use the relevant laws to help prove that those responsible failed in their duty to you. As a result, responsibility for your accident claim could be easier to prove.

What compensation can I claim?

If you have been injured in a factory accident, we can help recover compensation for your personal injury claim, together with money for your other losses. Your accident lawyer will work hard to put you in the position as if the accident did not happen. That means helping you claim for your lost earnings, private medical treatment, care and assistance, out of pocket expenses and anything else you may be able to claim.

Each case is different, so contact one of our accident lawyers today to find out more.

How much money will I get for my factory accident claims?

Making a personal injury claim is not an exact science. You will be compensated for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity. This is intended to put you in the pre-accident position. As you can’t get your health back, or the time spent suffering and missing out on activities you would otherwise do, you will be given cash instead.

The courts tend to work within judge-made guidelines, but then use previous cases and the judge’s opinion to work out how much your claim will be worth.

We have used the judge-made guidelines to develop our free, no obligation accident claims compensation calculator. Try it now and contact us to discuss making your no win no fee compensation claim.

Can I get a no win no fee accident lawyer to deal with my claim?

Yes! Donoghue Solicitors deal with compensation claims on a  no win no fee basis where appropriate. Click on the link to read more about our service and the promise we make to all of our clients.

Let us deal with the legal side of things so you can get on with getting better.

What do I do now to start my factory accidents claim?

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One of our accident claims lawyers will review your claim with you and get things moving right away. It’s that simple!

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