How We Helped a New Mum Cope After a Car Crash

★★★★★ Jack is an absolute credit to Donoghue Solicitors. I was unfortunate enough to need his help. He was efficient, caring and knowledgeable throughout. I received compensation above and beyond my expectations. I cannot thank him enough!’
– Jade Cassidy


Client: Jade Cassidy of Liverpool

Claim: Car crash accident compensation claim.

Claimant’s Lawyer: Jack Hudson, LLB (Hons), at Donoghue Solicitors

Result: £3,300 compensation plus legal costs.

What Happened?

Jade Cassidy (details used with her kind permission) was a front seat passenger when she was hurt in a car crash.

Jade is a young mother and had given birth to her second daughter two weeks before the accident. She delivered her daughter by caesarean section. Doctors advised her to avoid anything too strenuous for six weeks while the scar healed. This included driving.

Her partner’s sister offered to drive to collect Jade’s older daughter from dance class. Jade was glad to get out of the house, even for a few minutes, and she craved some adult company. Being at home on maternity leave with two children under five took some getting used to.

Ms Cassidy had just fed her new baby, who was quietly dozing, when her lift arrived. The new mum gently placed her daughter in a car seat. It was her baby’s first time in a car. Jade was very careful to make sure the car seat and baby were secure.

Jade got in the front passenger seat. As always, she wore her seatbelt, which was a little uncomfortable as it sat low over her caesarean scar.

Car Park Crash

The accident happened at lunchtime in the car park at her daughter’s dance studio. The weather was good: it was a dry, sunny day. They were waiting for a space when another car reversed quickly and crashed into them. The jolt was hard and loud. Jade felt a stab of pain as the seatbelt tightened around her waist on the caesarean scar. She was thrown forward and back.

Jade was shocked and upset. Her first thought wasn’t for herself though. She worried about her baby. Thankfully, she seemed fine, if a little upset by the noise and motion. The car seat had done a good job of holding the baby in place.

Both cars were damaged but appeared driveable. Everyone agreed that emergency services were not needed. The drivers exchanged details. Ms Cassidy got her older daughter from the dance studio and they all headed home.

Car Crash Injuries

Unfortunately, Jade had been injured in the car crash. Her neck and left shoulder ached. She worried about her c-section scar though. Straining wasn’t good for it, no matter how she did it. Her stomach ached where the seatbelt gripped and Jade noticed a lump and redness over the scar. She went to her doctor who prescribed diazepam to help relax her muscles and ease anxiety. He also sent her to hospital to get the scar checked out. She was relieved to find out that no serious damage had been done. The c-section discomfort lasted for about three months though.

As well as that she continued to suffer with her neck and shoulder pain for many months. It made everyday tasks, like caring for her children, especially difficult.

Bathing her new-born was hard. Bending over to cradle her in the bath was uncomfortable. Nursing was awkward too. It was frustrating and spoiled Jade’s enjoyment and excitement of caring for her new daughter.

She also found it hard to take care of her older daughter, deal with housework, and her own needs. Laundry, which was a daily chore since the new baby’s arrival, became a painful hassle. Doing her older daughter’s hair was tiring. Even dressing was uncomfortable.

On top of everything the family moved to a new house only two weeks after the accident. Jade knew she wouldn’t be able to do much due to the c-section, but her help was limited further by neck and shoulder pain.

She became an expert at delegation and her partner took on more responsibilities to ease the burden.

Jade remained anxious when in the car for a while. She was especially worried about taking her children out and felt guilty that her new-born had been involved in an accident on her first ever car trip.

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How Donoghue Solicitors Helped

Ms Cassidy wanted expert, reliable help to claim compensation. Insurers had been in touch offering their services. But Jade wanted an independent lawyer she knew would fight her corner.

She contacted Donoghue Solicitors and spoke to Jack Hudson. He discussed everything with her and answered all of her questions. The lawyer explained that the courts couldn’t turn back time, and that damages were the next best thing. Jack took full details of Jade’s road accident claim and represented her on a conditional fee “no win no fee” basis.

Mr Hudson sent details of Jade’s claim to the other driver’s insurers. He explained why their insured was responsible. Her insurers agreed to deal with Jade’s passenger accident claim.

Jack arranged for a specialist doctor to see Jade to help prove her claim. The lawyer was determined to get full compensation for Jade’s injuries, especially the unusual caesarean section injury. He got Jade’s GP and hospital records and sent them to the doctor, along with all the information the expert needed to prepare his report. Jade arranged childcare so she could go to the doctor’s consulting rooms. The expert examined her carefully and wrote a detailed report.


Jack and Jade discussed the medical report. She confirmed it was accurate and agreed to settle on the basis of the doctor’s prognosis for recovery.

Jack negotiated settlement of Jade’s car crash claim for £3,300 plus her legal costs. She did not have to go to court. Jade was thrilled with the settlement and service. She has since recommended Donoghue Solicitors to her family and friends.

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