How We Help With Tricky Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

Overview: Client: Greg Barber from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

Claim: Road traffic accident compensation claims for personal injury and other losses

Claimant’s lawyer: Jack Hudson, LLB. (Hons), GCILEx

Result: More than £4,000 compensation paid plus legal costs.

Client details are kindly provided with Mr Barber’s consent.

What Happened?

Greg Barber’s road accident was not his fault.

Mr Barber, a 28-year-old assistant manager, was driving to work in his Vauxhall Corsa. It was lunchtime on a cold, clear, January day. He was driving within the speed limit and minding his own business. Suddenly a car pulled out in front of him. Greg couldn’t avoid it. He hit the front passenger side of the other car with his car’s driver’s side corner.

The impact was loud, hard, and frightening. It threw Greg around in his seat.

Both drivers pulled over and exchanged details. Greg was in shock and felt immediate pain to his neck. Despite this he had to wait for an hour for a recovery vehicle to get him and the car back home.

Road Traffic Accident Consequences

Mr Barber suffered whiplash injuries to his neck and back and aggravated an old back injury. Greg suffered a sleepless night in pain. He saw his GP and went to the Countess of Chester Hospital A&E for x-rays and treatment for his injuries. Mr Barber took painkillers daily.

Greg soldiered on at work despite the pain. He only took a day off work. Mr Barber would have taken more time off to recover but he was needed. He did “light duties” for a week.

And understandably, Greg was anxious when in a car. Mr Barber worried he would be in another car crash and tried to avoid being on the road when possible. He suffered flashbacks, nightmares, disturbed sleep, and headaches.

He missed out on social and sporting activities. For a while, Greg stopped working out in the gym and going to karate classes.

And the road traffic accident badly damaged Mr Barber’s car. His insurance company dealt with the repairs.

Photo of Jack Hudson, a lawyer who helps with road traffic accident compensation claims.

Jack Hudson helped Greg Barber get the maximum compensation for his road traffic accident claim.

How Jack Hudson Helped

Greg wanted specialist solicitors to help with his road traffic accident compensation claims. He contacted  Donoghue Solicitors and spoke to Jack Hudson. Jack is a Trainee Legal Executive who specialises in accident claims.

Mr Hudson got to work right away. He took full details and advised Mr Barber about the best way to claim compensation and his funding options. Jack confirmed Donoghue Solicitors would represent Greg on a “no win no fee” basis after making enquiries.

With Jack’s help Greg submitted a compensation claim against the other driver’s insurers. Jack used the specialist road traffic accident “Portal”. (The Portal is an online system. Claimant and defendant representatives use it in the claims process under the Civil Procedure Rules.)

Mr Barber claimed for:

· Personal injury compensation, including physical and psychological injuries

· Related  out-of-pocket expenses. (He did not claim loss of earnings for the day off work.)

Complicated Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

Many personal injury claims in road traffic accidents are more complex than they first appear. Greg’s is a good example. As Jack explained,

“Greg’s hospital x-rays revealed a suspected compression fracture to the C6 vertebrae. We needed to get to the bottom of this before arranging treatment to help him get better. And we could not settle his claim until we knew the extent of his injuries.’

Dealing with this issue was no mean feat. Jack got hold of Greg’s GP & hospital records and x-rays. And he used Donoghue Solicitors’ connections to arrange an MRI scan to find out if Greg had broken his neck.

Mr Hudson also arranged for an expert doctor to examine Greg. The doctor reviewed the x-rays, medical records, and MRI scans. He noted Greg’s ongoing pain and suffering.

Thankfully, the doctor confirmed that Greg had not fractured his neck. But he still needed help to recover. So Jack arranged private physiotherapy treatment.

Mr Hudson pointed out,

“Private physiotherapy was essential. It meant Greg could start treatment right away and have sessions at his convenience. This helped him recover more quickly. Greg never asked for this accident, and just wanted to get better.’

Recovery Prognosis

The doctor thought that Greg would recover nine months after the accident with physiotherapy.

Unfortunately, this did not happen.

Jack explained to the expert that his client had ongoing problems. He sent a physiotherapist’s report in support. The doctor accepted that Greg’s injuries lasted longer than anticipated and wrote a further report extending the recovery period. Mr Hudson planned to use this report to help Greg get properly compensated.

But Greg’s problems weren’t just physical. The accident affected him emotionally. So, Jack arranged for his client to meet a consultant psychiatrist for a medical examination and assessment. This doctor confirmed a link between the accident and Greg’s ongoing anxiety disorder.

Result of this Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claim

Jack and Mr Barber worked together to identify everything he had lost as a result of the accident. The purpose of this exercise was to put Greg in the pre-accident position so far as possible.

Jack sent the other driver’s insurers full details of Greg’s claim. He supported it with

  • medical reports
  • invoices for physiotherapy treatment and scans
  • receipts
  • other evidence.

Then Jack negotiated with the insurers to settle Greg’s road traffic accident compensation claim. Jack relied on his experience dealing with car accident claims to value it. He backed up his arguments with legal authorities where required.

Following negotiations Jack settled Greg’s road accident claims for more than £4,000 plus legal costs.

Greg was thrilled with our services, saying:

Jack was Amazing from the very first phone call conversation we had about the accident. Him and the rest of the team are so helpful, respectful and understanding they are very swift from the get go from putting words into actions. He is always willing to go the extra mile and gets back to you asap. Always keeping me upto date with the case. I know a few people who are going through the same type of accidents and they have been waiting alot longer then me for the end result. So it shows they work hard and they are also very fair to you with the out come. I can’t recomend them enough. Thank you so much Jack & Team. ?

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