Case Reports – Police Claims

The following are case reports by our actions against the police solicitors, and show the type of cases Donoghue Solicitors can help you with.

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Actions against the police claim for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution

Actions against the police solicitors recovered £15,500 plus full legal costs for Mr. B.B. following an unlawful entry into his home by police officers.
Mr. B.B. was sitting in his kitchen with a friend when police officers knocked at his door. They forced their way in without explanation. Mr. B.B. tried to stop them and in doing so held his arms out to prevent the police from pushing past.
They handcuffed and arrested him. He was taken to the local police station where he was detained for 12 hours before being released on bail.
He was charged with assaulting a police officer and pursued by the CPS to trial. At the final hearing his criminal defence solicitors successfully argued that there was no case to answer.
Mr. B.B. pursued a claim for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.
The police offered £2,500 by way of compensation for his actions against the police claim.
Following extensive negotiations, Mr. B.B. received his just compensation of £15,500 and was vindicated for defending his right to privacy at home.

Actions against the police claim for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, trespass and breach of human rights

Mr. D.E. was subject to a wrongful arrest and false imprisonment when the police used an e-fit description in error.He had been walking home early one evening when he was stopped by the police and asked about previous convictions. He replied confirming minor convictions from his past and went home.
20 minutes later the same police officers who stopped him forced their way into his home and unlawfully searched his bedroom.
They told Mr. D.E. that he was alleged to have committed a robbery on an elderly woman. He was arrested, handcuffed and bundled into the police van in full view of his friends and neighbours.
While in the van the police officers showed him an e-fit picture. Mr. D.E. insisted that he did not fit the description, and that he did not commit the robbery. The police just laughed at him.
He was taken to a local police station where he was detained for 1 hour 17 minutes, until the police reviewed the description and e-fit photo and agreed that it did not match our client as he had said. This made the arrest and subsequent imprisonment unlawful.
His actions against the police solicitors obtained an admission from the police that they did not have the necessary reasonable suspicion to justify for arrest and detention.
They demanded damages for the wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, trespass for the unlawful search of our client’s home, and breach of his human rights. Mr. D.E. sought compensation for the humiliation of an arrest in full view of his neighbours, and for the police’s arbitrary, oppressive and unconstitutional conduct.
Following negotiations, Mr. D.E.recovered £2,000 plus full legal costs for Mr. D.E., doubling the police’s original offer. Mr. D.E. received his damages in full as well as restoring his reputation in his close knit community.

Actions against the police claim for assault and battery

Mr. M.S. was bitten by a police dog in the course of his arrest. He complied with the dog handler’s orders to lay face down on the ground but the officer failed to control his dog, allowing it to bite Mr. M.S. on the shoulder and left arm.
The police denied liability as they said Mr. M.S. was actively engaged in a criminal activity at the time of arrest.
His actions against the police solicitors pursued a claim for assault and battery, obtained medical evidence and forced the police to admit their wrongdoing.
The police initially offered £650 in full settlement. They ultimately settled Mr. M.S.’s claim for £5,000 plus full legal costs.

Actions against the police claim for trespass and breach of human right to privacy

Mrs. L.M. was at home when the police forced their way in and ransacked her house. She was told that they had a report about the welfare of a 3 year old child. Later a note was left at her house confirming that they had the wrong address.
Her actions against the police solicitors pursued a claim for trespass and breach of Mrs. L.M.’s human right of privacy.
Mrs. L.M. reacted badly to the unlawful visit. She became depressed and had to take time off work and cancel social events, including an expensive birthday party.
Her solicitors claimed for the psychological upset as well as damages for repairs to her property, lost earnings and the cancelled birthday party.
Following negotiations with the police, Mrs. L.M. received £2,300 plus her full legal costs. She received her damages in full, without deductions for costs.

Actions against the police claim for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment

Mr. S.T. was wrongfully arrested for breach of bail conditions. He was detained by the police for 6 hours 10 minutes before being released.
The police denied liability, as they were adamant the court service were responsible. His solicitors followed this up and ultimately forced the court service to accept their error, and offer compensation for Mr. S.T.’s wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.
Following negotiations, Mr. S.T. received full compensation of £2100 plus legal costs.

Actions against the police claim for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment

Mr. A.T. received £3,750 plus full legal costs for his actions against the police claim for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.
He was arrested for an outstanding warrant and kept in a police cell overnight.
He was released when the police realised that the warrant had been issued by the Magistrates’ Court in error and had not been withdrawn.
On this basis the police denied liability and refused to compensate Mr. A.T.
His actions against the police solicitorsclaimed compensation for Mr. A.T. from the Courts Service who ultimately accepted responsibility and settled his claim.

Police claim for unlawful arrest, false imprisonment and assault

This civil claim against the police case report begins with Mr. M visiting his daughter at her flat.When he got to the front door, it was already opened. He was met by a male police officer in uniform, who told him to come inside.

Mr. M was surprised to see three or four police officers with his daughter and her friend.

He sat down and asked what was happening. He was told that the police were doing a drug search. Mr. M was confused and asked if he was under arrest. When told that he was not, he got up to leave.

Then an officer said, ‘you’re under arrest for possession of Class B drugs with intent to supply’, and quickly handcuffed him to the front.

Mr. M was made to sit on the sofa for about 20 minutes.

He asked if any drugs had been found. The arresting officer told him that nothing had been found.

Mr. M asked why he had been arrested and was being held. He was rudely told to be quiet and sit still.

Mr. M was then taken upstairs by two male police officers, told to strip naked, and body cavity searched.

No drugs were found, and he was told to dress while his wallet was taken from him.

The handcuffs were put back on, he was put in a police van with his daughter, and taken to the city centre police station.

Mr. M was ‘booked in’ by the Desk Sergeant, and ‘processed’ (meaning that his DNA, fingerprints, and a photograph were taken). His wallet was taken and £325 counted out from it.

After a total of five and a half hours’ detention, including a 30 minute interview, Mr. M was bailed and released. The police returned his wallet and Mr. M got a taxi home with his daughter.

‘Joke’ Leads to Actions Against the Police Compensation Claim

On arrival back at her flat Mr. M pulled out his wallet to pay for the taxi, only to find that it was empty.

He returned to the police station right away.

A few minutes after telling a civilian custody assistant what had happened a male police officer came out and threw a bundle of notes on the desk. He said that this was Mr. M’s money, and asked whether he could take a joke.

Mr. M thought that this was supposed to be a practical joke but that no, he did not find it funny.

Two weeks later Mr. M received a letter from the police stating that they were not going to take any further action after his arrest and charge following the police warrant raid at his daughter’s home.

He was angry that he had been treated so badly so went to a local police station to file a formal complaint.

At this point he was not considering making an actions against the police compensation claim. But the police’s actions changed his mind.

When Mr. M got to the police station he was told to wait.

Several hours later an inspector came out and told him that he would not record Mr. M’s complaint, telling him that he would decide if Mr. M’s circumstances warranted a formal complaint.

Mr. M then went to the city centre police station where he had been taken after his arrest, only to be told that as the incident occurred outside of his station’s jurisdiction, they would not record his complaint.

Mr. M went back to his local police station the next day and spoke to another inspector, who also refused to record his complaint.

This time he said it was because his colleagues’ acted legally in arresting him.

So, once again, Mr. M returned to the city centre police station, now with his daughter.

The inspector they spoke to recorded his daughter’s complaint, but not Mr. M’s. Instead, he gave Mr. M the details of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (‘IPCC’).

Mr. M wrote to the IPCC to start his complaint.

After the IPCC got involved Mr. M’s complaint about the police’s conduct was upheld. It was confirmed that:

  • the search of his daughter’s flat under police warrant, and
  • both Mr. M’s and his daughter’s arrest and detention,

were unlawful.

How Donoghue Solicitors Started the Actions Against the Police Compensation Claim

Mr. M contacted Kevin Donoghue, a solicitor who specialises in actions against the police, to investigate whether he could make a police warrant compensation claim.

Kevin agreed to investigate the claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

Kevin obtained the custody record and complaint investigation report, and submitted details of the claim to the police for the unlawful police compensation claim.

He asked for further essential documentation to investigate the claim. When this was not forthcoming,  Mr. Donoghue issued a pre-action disclosure application at court.

The police dealt with matters by denying liability on the basis that they believed they had reasonable suspicion to search Mr. M, even though Mr. M’s police complaint had been upheld.

The police’s denial of liability gave Kevin no alternative but to issue formal court proceedings for unlawful arrest & detention, and assault.

In their defence the police re-stated their argument that they had acted lawfully.

Documents and CCTV footage were disclosed by the police, including evidence from six police officers, but Mr. Donoghue took the view that the initial approach taken by the police was wrong, that Mr. M was right to make a claim, and so he pursued the police warrant compensation case to trial on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

On the eve of the trial Mr. M’s actions against the police compensation claim was settled by the police, who agreed to pay full compensation and legal costs.

Police National Computer (PNC) Error Results in Compensation Claim

Donoghue Solicitors represented a client who was wrongly identified as a disqualified driver on the UK police national computer (PNC).

As a result, he was repeatedly stopped by the police.

Kevin Donoghue, solicitor, ensured that the police national computer (PNC) record was corrected and recovered £5,000 compensation for his client.

You can read the police national computer case report by clicking on the link.

Police Raid Compensation Claim

Kevin Donoghue, solicitor, represented Mr. R.L. in his compensation claim against Essex Police.

After a local paper publicised an unlawful police raid at his home, R.L. instructed Donoghue Solicitors to claim compensation and seek an apology.

You can read how we dealt with this police raid claim here.

The Benefit of Using Solicitors Specialising in Actions Against the Police

After a pensioner was injured during his false imprisonment he initially instructed a firm of solicitors who were not experts in actions against the police. They mishandled his claim so he transferred his case to Donoghue Solicitors. With our help he recovered £13,000 compensation and the supermarket admitted liability for his claim.

Read this case study where we explain how using expert solicitors specialising in actions against the police makes all the difference.

How We Helped a Client Win £25,000 for his Police Brutality Compensation Claim

After calling other law firms and finding no one willing to take his police brutality claim, Paul Smith (details used with permission) found Donoghue Solicitors after an online search. Mr Smith spoke to our Solicitor Director, Kevin Donoghue, who agreed to represent him on a “no win no fee” basis. In this detailed police brutality case study we explain what happened to Paul and how we helped him win the compensation he rightly deserved.

How to Win £37,500 Compensation From Humberside Police

Mr Elliott (details used with permission) was wrongfully arrested, assaulted, detained, prosecuted, and convicted of assaulting a police officer. After successfully overturning his conviction Mr Elliott sought expert legal help to sue Humberside Police. Kevin Donoghue represented him in his civil action against the police. Read this case study to find out how, with our help, he received £37,500 plus legal costs from the police.

How We Helped a Solicitor Remove Police Biometric Data

Kevin Donoghue represented a fellow solicitor in her actions against the police claim. As well as financial compensation, the lawyer wanted help removing police biometric data and deleting relevant entries on the Police National Computer. Read how we helped her here.

How Nigel Lang Won His Breach of the Data Protection Act Claim

Nigel Lang (details used with permission) had his life turned upside down when he was wrongfully arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children. He contacted Donoghue Solicitors for assistance to clear his name and seek financial compensation. We helped him sue Hertfordshire Police for a breach of the Data Protection Act, among other things. Find out more here.

Why Avon & Somerset Police Paid £4,500 Compensation For a Police Assault

Steven Smith (details used with his permission) was assaulted by a police officer. The officer put him in a choke hold and caused him to briefly lose consciousness. His colleagues were shocked and reported the officer to their superiors. After the officer was convicted for assault we helped Steven recover his rightful compensation. Read how here.

Why Merseyside Police Paid £5,000 Wrongful Arrest Compensation

Our client Paul Rogers (details used with his kind permission) was wrongfully arrested by Merseyside Police. He approached his criminal solicitors for a recommendation to bring a civil action against the police. They told him to contact us because we specialise in these claims. (Many other criminal law firms do too. Read why here.) With our help, Paul received £5,000 compensation plus legal costs, together with confirmation that the police had destroyed his biometric data and photographs. Read how we helped Paul sue Merseyside Police here.)

Why Leicestershire Police Paid Over £20,000 Compensation

Nicole Pike and Ricky Plant instructed Kevin Donoghue, solicitor director of Donoghue Solicitors, to sue Leicestershire Police. The police unlawfully entered their home, arrested, and detained them. They were prosecuted to trial but were cleared of all charges at court. Mr Donoghue made sure they got the justice they deserved. Read how we helped here.

Why Thames Valley Police Apologised and Paid Compensation

“Justice” takes many forms. For most victims of police misconduct, bringing an actions against the police claim is about more than compensation. Other remedies they seek include an apology and the knowledge that lessons have been learned. Read how we helped one client get the justice he deserved, and how he selflessly dealt with his compensation from Thames Valley Police, here. 

70,000 Reasons to Sue South Wales Police

A woman was driving home after work when she was stopped by South Wales Police. What should have been a routine traffic stop turned into a police assault, false imprisonment, and wrongful conviction for assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty. When no local solicitors would take her case the victim of police misconduct contacted Donoghue Solicitors. We represent clients throughout England and Wales and took her actions against the police case on a “no win no fee” basis. After a three-day trial she achieved justice and the court awarded her substantial compensation. Read how in this case report.

Instructing Donoghue Solicitors to Start your Actions Against the Police Compensation Claim

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