How Much Does it Cost to Make a Police Compensation Claim?

As you would expect, the cost of making a police compensation claim varies greatly depending on the case.

Let’s be frank: solicitors, barristers, and medical and other experts, do not work for free.

Here we explain:

1. the things to consider when calculating legal costs; and

2. how to fund your police compensation claim to cover these costs.

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How Much Do Police Compensation Claims Cost?

It is difficult to say how much a police compensation claim costs, as every case is different.

Think of it like buying a new car.

You can get a basic Ford Fiesta for £9,995, but when you start adding options, or going up the model range, that same make and model car can cost more than £20,000.

Factors which affect the amount of costs in police compensation claims include:

  • the circumstances of your claim against the police;
  • how your claim is funded;
  • what you are claiming compensation for;
  • how much work we are required to do;
  • how long your case lasts;
  • whether the police accept responsibility and, if so, when;
  • how many experts are instructed;
  • whether a barrister is instructed, and what they do;
  • if your claim settles before trial;
  • how many witnesses are involved;
  • how many court appearances are required;
  • whether your case goes to trial, how long it takes, and if a jury is involved;
  • etc.!

So, unfortunately, it is impossible to say how much the legal costs are likely to be without knowing more about your particular case.

As a rough guide though, because these claims are so complex, legal costs for successful cases are rarely less than £5,000, and can go into the tens of thousands (e.g. for cases that go to a multi-day jury trial).

When we take your police compensation claim, we will give you a realistic costs estimate based on your circumstances.

In the event the case succeeds, most of these costs are paid by the losing defendant (the police, or those acting with police-like powers.).

If the claim fails, paying for costs depends on how the case is funded. Here we explain the different methods of funding available.

Funding Your Police Compensation Claim

Even though it is impossible to say how much it will cost, there are there are various ways of funding your police compensation claim which can take the worry out of claiming.

These include:

  1. Legal Aid;
  2. Before the Event Insurance/ union funding;
  3. Conditional Fee Agreement (‘no win no fee’);
  4. Private Client.
  1. Legal Aid

In limited circumstances, legal aid is available to help people fund their police compensation claims.

Donoghue Solicitors do not offer legal aid funding because it only applies to those on very low incomes and in exceptional cases.

Even if you are eligible, you may find that the hassle and costs involved in investigating and keeping legal aid are not worth it compared to other methods of funding.

You can read more about that here.

But your experience may differ so, if you want to investigate legal aid for your police compensation claim, this government website is a good place to start.

  1. Before the Event Insurance

Some clients may have pre-existing insurance which could fund their police compensation claim.

This insurance, known as ‘before the event’ because you have it before the incident giving rise to the claim, is often attached to home insurance, credit card insurance, union membership etc.

If we can represent you in your police compensation claim we will investigate this method of funding with you.  But, in our experience, it is very rarely available because actions against the police are unusual, hard to win (so insurers are reluctant to take the risk), and often claims against the State excluded from policies.

  1. Conditional Fee Agreements (‘No Win No Fee’)

Where appropriate, our actions against the police solicitors work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. We often get asked about these so have written more about no win no fee police claims here. (This link opens in a new window so you can come back and read the rest of this page if you like.)

  1. Private Client

Some clients may choose to fund their cases privately. This means that they pay for their claims themselves.

If you are interested in this option we will discuss what we will do, and account to you for costs, as your case progresses.

Picture of Police Compensation Claims Solicitor, Kevin Donoghue

Police Compensation Claims Solicitor, Kevin Donoghue

Funding Your Police Compensation Claim

When you contact us to discuss your claim we will thoroughly investigate it and discuss funding with you.

Feel free to contact our Solicitor Director, Kevin Donoghue, to talk about your options.

Kevin has over 15 years’ experience in this area of law, and has dealt with all the funding options described here, so is best placed to advise you before you make your police compensation claim.

What Kinds of Claims Can I Pursue?

Donoghue Solicitors help people throughout England and Wales claim compensation against the police (and those with police-like powers).

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How do I start my Police Compensation Claim?

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