Police Warrant Claims

Donoghue Solicitors are expert police warrant claims lawyers who will help you claim compensation as a result of an unlawful police warrant, arrest warrant, search warrant, court warrant or warrant of further detention.

We are a UK-based specialist firm of solicitors who represent clients throughout England & Wales in civil compensation claims against the police and other detaining authorities, such as court- appointed security firms.

Call us today on 08000 124 246 or complete the online form on this page. We are waiting to help with your police warrants (also mis-spelled as police warrents) claims.

Police Warrant Claims Solicitors

If you believe that a police warrant, arrest warrant, search warrant, court warrant or warrant of further detention was incorrectly issued or relied upon by the police (or other detaining authorities) and want to claim compensation you should contact Donoghue Solicitors.

For more information on what a ‘police warrent’, ‘arrest warrent’, ‘search warrent’, ‘court warrent’ or ‘warrent of further detention’ is please click on this link for a warrant definition, where we answer the question: what are warrants?

As expert police warrant claims solicitors who specialise in actions against the police, we help people claiming compensation for all types of unlawful police warrants.

For examples of the types of successful cases we have pursued, please read our case reports about an unlawful arrest warrant, as well as search, court and police warrants. Head over to our ‘why us‘ page for more information about why Donoghue Solicitors are expert police warrant claims lawyers.

You can start your claims against the police by completing the online form on this page, calling 08000 124 246, or going to our ‘contact us‘ page for more information.

We look forward to helping you with your police warrant, arrest warrant, search warrant, court warrant or warrant of further detention compensation claim.

Expert Police Warrant Claims Lawyers in the UK

If you want advice about if the police have acted unlawfully when executing a warrant for arrest in the UK contact Donoghue Solicitors. We will assist by:

  • taking full details of your claim
  • where appropriate, contacting the criminal solicitors who represented you when the police enforced the warrant to obtain further information.
  • investigating with the police, court service etc. as required to establish whether there has been an unlawful police warrant
  • advising about the police’s (or others, including the court service’s) conduct
  • recommending appropriate courses of action, including a police complaint or compensation claim against the police, court service or other detaining body.

As you would expect, civil compensation claims against the police for the unlawful execution of a police warrant are difficult to pursue.

That’s why so few solicitors take these cases.

At Donoghue Solicitors we are expert police warrant claims lawyers who specialise in compensation claims against the police.

We are members of the Police Action Lawyers Group, a specialist group of solicitors dedicated to helping people make these claims.

You can trust us to advise you properly about your police warrant claim. If we believe that the police have a case to answer, we will fearlessly fight for your rights to compensation and, if appropriate, an apology.

Call 08000 124 246 or complete the online form today to start your police warrant claim.

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Stuart Wragg

Rating: ***** Highly recommended I used Donoghue Solicitors after I was falsely arrested some time ago, every step of the way I was informed of every action that was to be taken and felt very confident I would be successful, not just by the professional manner in which Kevin Donoghue and his solicitors conducted themselves but… Read more »

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