Five Ways Police Sexual Misconduct Goes Unchecked

By Kevin Donoghue, Solicitor Recently BBC Woman’s Hour and Newsnight reported on the issue of police sexual misconduct, including sexual abuse within the police’s ranks. Listen to their disturbing report on Woman’s Hour here. Sadly, incidents of police sexual misconduct are not new. In January 2017, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue… Read more »

Can We Trust the Police With Social Media?

  By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor This week the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) took the unusual step of issuing a specific warning to police officers about their use of social media. Michael Lockwood, the IOPC Director General noted that: “From racist, sexist, and other discriminatory comments to photographing crime scenes and using social media… Read more »

What Some Domestic Abuse Victims Have in Common

By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor Two recent reports show how some police officers take advantage of victims of domestic abuse. The stories share common themes and fit with my clients’ experiences. This suggests that the problem is widespread, but that it can be readily identified by motivated police officers and, hopefully, prevented. Metropolitan Police Sergeant Dismissed… Read more »

Website development

Donoghue Solicitors is proud to give you a pre-launch preview of our new website today. We’ve been fortunate to have the assistance of Tecmark, the website designers, to ensure that everything’s going to be just right for launch on Monday 31 January 2011. In designing the website we have focussed on our clients’ experience. This… Read more »