How a Coronavirus Risk Assessment Helps Us Return to Work

By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor director of Donoghue Solicitors As you will know if you read my previous blog posts about coronavirus, we have been working remotely since the “stay at home” order came into effect in March. For the most part, this change in our way of working has been successful. But the coronavirus alert… Read more »

Don’t Defund the Police: Do This Instead

  By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor The world has woken up to systemic police abuse with George Floyd’s death. As I’m sure you know, Mr Floyd, who lived in Minneapolis, USA, was killed by a police officer and helped by his colleagues. The video of his death quickly went viral and spurred a movement based around… Read more »

How a Joint Settlement Meeting Helps Everyone

  By Daniel Fitzsimmons, Chartered Legal Executive I recently helped negotiate settlement in a civil action against the police. The case, which you can read about here, was unusual because it was settled during a Joint Settlement Meeting, a key part of alternative dispute resolution used in civil litigation. This is why: joint settlement meetings… Read more »

Why I am Proud to Employ Chartered Legal Executives

By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor Yesterday was a good day. It was when my colleague Jack Hudson was admitted as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). Because Jack is a practising lawyer he is a “Chartered Legal Executive” and gets to use the letters FCILEx after his name. This is fantastic news… Read more »

Five Reasons Why the Taser Stakeholder Advisory Group Resignations Matter

Solicitor Kevin Donoghue considers the impact of resignations from the Taser Stakeholder Advisory Group. By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor A number of civil society organisations recently quit the National Police Chiefs Council’s Taser Stakeholder Advisory Group. The resignations of human rights group Liberty, Inquest (I am a member of both groups), Stopwatch, the Open Society, academic… Read more »

How we’re dealing with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Kevin Donoghue, solicitor director of Donoghue Solicitors, explains how his firm is dealing with coronavirus.By Kevin Donoghue, Solicitor Director of Donoghue Solicitors In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, I would like to reassure you that we are closely monitoring the spread of the virus and taking precautionary actions. We have put measures in place to limit… Read more »

Will an ITV Documentary Help End Sexual Abuse by Police Officers?

By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor ITV is showing a documentary at 10:45pm tonight (Tuesday 15 October) about sexual abuse by police officers. I urge you to watch “Exposure: Predator Police Uncovered”. The documentary will shine a light on the widespread issue of sexual abuse by police officers of female victims of crime. The programme-makers report that:… Read more »

Why Police Corruption Goes Unpunished

Kevin Donoghue, solicitor and specialist in civil actions against the police, explains why police corruption goes unpunished in this blog post. By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor Today I had to do something I did not want to do. I told a potential client that I could not help him bring a seemingly good claim on the… Read more »