Merry Christmas!

  By Kevin Donoghue, Solicitor Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our clients, friends, and families. Thank you for your support this year. We hope you have a relaxing and stress-free holiday and that 2021 is a great year for you all. (It’s got to be better than 2020 hasn’t it?) Like the… Read more »

How to Hold the Police Accountable for Human Error

By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor I’ve recently settled a number of civil actions against the police involving human error. The police fought my clients’ cases by arguing that they have legal protections from civil claims when investigating and suppressing crime. In effect, they are different to you and me in that, they say, the police cannot… Read more »

Should UK Police Get Taser 7 Stun Guns?

Despite official warnings about safety and reliability, the Home Secretary has authorised the use of Taser 7 weapons by all 43 UK police forces. Kevin Donoghue, a solicitor who specialises in civil actions against the police, considers the implications for the public and police alike. By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor Recently Priti Patel, the Home Secretary,… Read more »

How the Police and Home Office Misjudged the Public Mood

By Daniel Fitzsimmons, Chartered Legal Executive This week a journalist from Sky News contacted me about my client Steven Smith. He had read the case report and blog post I wrote about Mr Smith’s case (click on the links to read them) and wanted to speak to my client about his experience. With Steven’s permission… Read more »

Don’t Defund the Police: Do This Instead

  By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor The world has woken up to systemic police abuse with George Floyd’s death. As I’m sure you know, Mr Floyd, who lived in Minneapolis, USA, was killed by a police officer and helped by his colleagues. The video of his death quickly went viral and spurred a movement based around… Read more »

How a Joint Settlement Meeting Helps Everyone

  By Daniel Fitzsimmons, Chartered Legal Executive I recently helped negotiate settlement in a civil action against the police. The case, which you can read about here, was unusual because it was settled during a Joint Settlement Meeting, a key part of alternative dispute resolution used in civil litigation. This is why: joint settlement meetings… Read more »

Why I am Proud to Employ Chartered Legal Executives

By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor Yesterday was a good day. It was when my colleague Jack Hudson was admitted as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). Because Jack is a practising lawyer he is a “Chartered Legal Executive” and gets to use the letters FCILEx after his name. This is fantastic news… Read more »

Five Reasons Why the Taser Stakeholder Advisory Group Resignations Matter

Solicitor Kevin Donoghue considers the impact of resignations from the Taser Stakeholder Advisory Group. By Kevin Donoghue, solicitor A number of civil society organisations recently quit the National Police Chiefs Council’s Taser Stakeholder Advisory Group. The resignations of human rights group Liberty, Inquest (I am a member of both groups), Stopwatch, the Open Society, academic… Read more »