Our part in Halfords’ Christmas Advert

We have a star in our midst!

Our bookkeeper Vicky Kean’s 7-year-old daughter, Gabriella, is starring in Halfords’ Christmas t.v. advertising campaign.

The advert shows Christmas morning in the 70s/ 80s.

Gabriella plays a young girl watching t.v. before being drawn to the window where boys on brand new BMX bikes ride by.

It’s nostalgic and fun. Watch it here:

A nationwide t.v. audience will see Gabriella’s advert during ITV’s “The X Factor” on Saturday 1st November.

Proud mum Vicky says that Gabriella loves acting and that this shoot was especially fun as “she got to eat loads of cake!”

All of us here at Donoghue Solicitors are very proud of her and look forward to encouraging Gabriella’s acting career in the future.