Funding Options for Professional Negligence No Win No Fee Solicitors

If you are looking for professional negligence no win no fee solicitors then contact Donoghue Solicitors.

We are expert professional negligence solicitors. Where appropriate, we act using conditional fee agreements, otherwise known as ‘no win no fee’ agreements.

This means that we only get paid if you win your professional negligence case. How’s that for an incentive to try your best?

No win, no fee. It’s as simple as that.

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Paying for Your Professional Negligence Claim

As you know, solicitors don’t work for free. So, before you contact a solicitor, you might want to consider how to pay for their help.

Paying legal fees for your professional negligence claim is straightforward with Donoghue Solicitors.

These are the three funding options we offer:

1. pre-existing legal expenses insurance (known as ‘before the event’ insurance) or trade union funding;

2. professional negligence no win no fee; and

3. professional negligence private client.

We explain these options further below:

1. Pre-existing Legal Expenses Insurance or Trade Union Funding

Before entering into a professional negligence no win no fee agreement we ask our clients to check if they have legal expenses insurance or trade union backing which will fund their professional negligence claim.

If it appears that they have a policy or trade union scheme in place, we carefully check the terms and conditions as not all before the event legal expenses or trade union memberships are suitable.

We will discuss this with you in more detail when we talk about your claim.

2. Professional Negligence No Win No Fee Funding

If you instruct Donoghue Solicitors to make your professional negligence claims using our no win no fee agreement, we promise the following:

1. you will not have to pay any legal fees while your claim is ongoing;

2. if you win, we will limit our success fee (explained below) to, at most, 25% of your damages for past financial losses, meaning that generally you can expect to receive at least 75% of your compensation for them. (Please note that this limit applies to first instance proceedings only, and if you take out “after the event” insurance, which is explained below, you will also have to pay the insurance premium if you win. And please see * below for details of other potential charges which may be payable in addition to the success fee.)

3. if you lose your professional negligence claim, we guarantee that you will not have to pay any of our fees. If you have an eligible claim and take out an (optional) “after the event” insurance policy, you will also be covered for disbursements (additional expenses such as expert report fees), your opponent’s costs, and VAT. This means that, if you lose, you walk away owing nothing*.

We will happily explain all this to you when we speak, and again in writing, so you can be 100% confident in instructing Donoghue Solicitors to be your professional negligence no win no fee solicitors. For your protection, the terms in the signed documentation (no win no fee agreement and after the event insurance policy, if taken) take precedence over anything you may read or have heard elsewhere, including here. It’s important that you know that we will stand by our promise and your own obligations.

We have nothing to hide, so if you have any questions please ask us on 08000 124 206 or complete the form on this page.

3. Professional Negligence Private Client Funding

This option is suitable for professional negligence clients where:

1. you prefer not to pay the success fee payable under a no win no fee agreement; or

2.your case does not meet our strict criteria for us to act under a professional negligence no win no fee agreement; and

2. you are willing to fund legal fees yourself.

We understand that some clients are in a position to fund their professional negligence claims themselves, and choose not to pay the success fee, or want to proceed with their case despite it not meeting our criteria for a professional negligence no win no fee agreement.

For them, a private client arrangement may be a good option.

If we agree to represent you as a professional negligence private client we will agree with you what work we will do, and how much you must pay, in advance. We will confirm all this in writing and account to you for fees as we proceed.

A Word About the Success Fee in our Professional Negligence No Win No Fee Agreement

We pride ourselves on openness, fairness, and putting our clients first. Don’t take our word for it. Click here to read what our clients think about us.

Unlike many of our competitors we are upfront in our fees, and the reasons behind them, on our website.

Let’s be frank: if we take your claim on under a no win no fee agreement we are taking big risks. These include the chance that your claim will fail before trial, or, worse still, that it could go all the way to trial and lose.

Because professional negligence cases are so complex and risky, legal fees on both sides routinely run into the tens of thousands of pounds.

If we run your case on a no win no fee basis not only do we risk losing our fees, but also by dedicating resources to a (potentially) losing case we miss out on the chance to make money on winning cases.

So we have to be selective in the cases we take. This is not just good business sense; it is a requirement of the Solicitors Regulation Authority Standards and Regulations which govern how solicitors in England and Wales must practice.

Rule 2.4 of the Code of Conduct for Firms says that solicitors must:

‘actively monitor your financial stability and business viability.’

This is important because we must act in the best interests of all our clients. It is in no one’s interest for a law firm to take financial risks which risk business stability.

There is also the risk to our professional reputation: presenting losing cases at court does not reflect well on the solicitor or firm involved.

So, with that in mind, you will appreciate that the decision to take a professional negligence claim on a no win no fee basis is a hard one, which must be considered very carefully.

If we do take your case on a no win no fee basis, the cost to you of taking the risks above is, at most, 25%* of any money you receive. (The success fee is calculated with reference to our basic charges.)

We are not obliged to limit our success fees to, at most, 25%, but we choose to do so because we want to be fair to our clients.

If you price-check with our competitors we are sure you will find this to be a very competitive fee, which again, is only payable if you win.

Is Every Professional Negligence Claim Eligible for No Win No Fee?

Find out if your case is eligible for our professional negligence no win no fee service by speaking with one of our specialist solicitors.

Sadly, we cannot take every case on a no win no fee basis. As explained above, if we decline your case on a no win no fee basis it is because we must apply strict criteria to comply with our professional obligations to our existing clients, regulators, staff, suppliers, creditors, and others. The criteria vary, but can include the case having poor prospects of success or being of low value. Read this blog post for a more detailed explanation about why solicitors decline to represent people in compensation claims.

But other funding options, including using your own legal expenses insurance, trade union funding, or paying for our services as a ‘private client’, may be available (and preferable) if we are unable to assist under a no win no fee agreement.

Whichever method of funding you choose, you can be confident that we will advise based on what is best for you.

Contact us today and use our experience to make your professional negligence no win no fee claim.

Kevin Donoghue – Professional Negligence Solicitor

If you have a professional negligence claim you want an expert solicitor, who knows the ins and outs of professional negligence claims, to advise you properly.

Photo of Professional Negligence No Win No Fee Solicitor Kevin Donoghue.

Instruct Professional Negligence No Win No Fee Solicitor Kevin Donoghue.

Kevin Donoghue, Solicitor Director of Donoghue Solicitors, has many years’ experience of dealing with professional negligence claims on a no win no fee basis.

As a member of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association, Kevin is dedicated to helping people with their professional negligence claims.

He knows what it takes to win, and is keen to represent eligible clients to help them win their professional negligence claims.

Read more about Kevin Donoghue here.

Negligence Solicitors Claims

Donoghue Solicitors make professional negligence no win no fee claims where the financial loss claimed is £15,000 or more. We help people with claims against their civil litigation solicitors in:

For example, in these civil litigation claims, we help people who have received less compensation than their claim was worth, or where their solicitors have been negligent so that they have lost the right to claim.

Unfortunately, we can’t help in other professional negligence claims involving solicitors, such as family, conveyancing, or commercial matters. We also don’t take professional negligence cases involving other professionals or companies. If you need help with something like this then we suggest you try the Law Society’s free Find a Solicitor service.

You can read actual professional negligence no win no fee case studies by clicking on the link.

Or find out more about the types of claims we pursue by reading our professional negligence FAQs.

Making a Professional Negligence Claim

We are different to other professional negligence no win no fee solicitors in that we are happy to state how we are paid and show our no win no fee arrangements right here on our website. Feel free to mention this page when you call.

For help with your professional negligence no win no fee claim, complete the online form on this page, or call 08000 124 246.

We’re waiting to help you with your professional negligence claim.


*Subject to you ‘obtaining after the event’ insurance and complying with its terms and those of our conditional fee (no win no fee) agreement. In some circumstances you may have to pay fees. For example, you may be asked to pay the shortfall between the costs incurred to pursue your claim and the costs paid by your opponent. And, if you are unwilling or unable to obtain after the event insurance and lose your case you may have to pay your own disbursements and your opponent’s costs. You might also have to pay things like appointment cancellation fees. Full details of fees are enclosed in our professional negligence no win no fee agreement and after the event insurance documentation.

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