Sexual Abuse Compensation Claims

For years, sexual abuse survivors have trusted the award-winning lawyers at Donoghue Solicitors with their compensation claims. Here we explain why you can too.

Who We Help

Unfortunately, sexual abuse and assault affects people in all walks of life, at any age.

Sensitive, expert legal help is available for victims and survivors. Contact Donoghue Solicitors in confidence if you want to discuss bringing a compensation claim. Call us free on 08000 124 246 or complete the short form on this page.

Types of Cases Donoghue Solicitors Help With

We help victims of sexual assault and abuse involving:

  • Police and others in the justice system
  • Doctors, clinics, hospitals, and other medical providers
  • Employers
  • Other organisations (for example: charities, non-profits, care homes, theatres and entertainment venues, etc.)

Read our Sexual Abuse Compensation Claims Guide

Before bringing a sexual abuse compensation claim you might want to do some research. Read our exclusive claims guide in the following pages to find out more about these claims and how we can help you get the justice you deserve. (All pages open in a separate tab so you can come back to this page at any time):

  • Click on the link to find out Why Use Donoghue Solicitors for Your Sexual Abuse Claims? Here we explain what makes us different, about the valuable protections you get when you instruct Donoghue Solicitors, and why you can trust us with your claim.
  • If you are just starting your research, read some sexual abuse definitions and other legal terms to familiarise yourself with the language lawyers, the courts, and others use.
  • You can learn about how UK sexual abuse law applies to compensation claims by clicking on the link. Find out how the claims process works and how you can use it to get justice.
  • People bring sexual abuse claims to seek “justice”. But justice means different things depending on the circumstances. Read about sexual abuse compensation calculators and other remedies in these claims by clicking on the link. 
  • We know that bringing a compensation claim for sexual abuse is a big step. You might have some questions about what we need to know to investigate your claim, how long it will take, the claims process, and other things. Find out what is involved in bringing a sexual abuse case for answers to these and other things.
  • Pursuing a civil sexual abuse claim is not free even with legal aid. If you are wondering Can I Bring a Sexual Abuse No Win No Fee Compensation Claim? go to that page to learn about your funding options.
  • Time limits in sexual assault and physical abuse claims can make or break compensation claims. Click on the link to read about them and the exceptions which apply.
Photo of Kevin Donoghue, a solicitor who specialises in sexual abuse compensation claims.

Contact Kevin Donoghue, solicitor, and his team to start your sexual abuse compensation claims.

Where Can I Find a Sexual Abuse Lawyer Near Me?

Looking for a sexual abuse or assault lawyer near me? Kevin Donoghue and his expert team at Donoghue Solicitors help people throughout England and Wales. Occasionally we represent people from outside the UK too. In practice, we can consider your case provided the abuse occurred within England and Wales. We are based in Liverpool, but can meet with you by video (skype, facetime etc.), phone, or in person where required. Find out more here.

How Do I Start My Compensation Claim?

Contact our experienced lawyers if you want to find out more about our services for victims of sexual abuse or just get started. Get in touch by:

  1. completing the online form on this page (Our website has cutting-edge 256-bit encryption security so you know your details will be safe.)
  2. call us FREE on 08000 124 246.

We look forward to helping you get the justice you deserve.