Why Use Donoghue Solicitors For Your Sexual Abuse Claims?

Choosing the right solicitors to bring your sexual abuse compensation claims matters. Read on to find out why we think you should use us.

What We Do

Donoghue Solicitors Limited is a:

firm of compensation claims lawyers.

Since 2010 we have helped thousands of clients throughout England and Wales get justice using the civil law.

Where appropriate, we represent clients on a “no win no fee” basis.

Why It Matters That We Are Authorised And Regulated By The Solicitors Regulation Authority

Donoghue Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (no.573581). The Solicitors Regulation Authority is the regulatory arm of the Law Society of England and Wales. You can check our details on their website here.

This means that when you instruct Donoghue Solicitors you benefit from valuable protections which might not be available elsewhere. These include:

  • We provide you with advice and assistance on the law including “reserved legal activities” such as bringing court proceedings and conducting litigation.
  • Everyone in our firm follows the SRA’s rules, as detailed in the SRA Standards and Regulations (read them here). This strict code means we must apply the highest ethical standards to our work and dealings with clients, opponents, the court, and others. For example, unlike some, we are duty-bound to act in your best interests, something we are happy to do.
  • We are comprehensively insured in the unlikely event something goes wrong. Our insurance coverage is up to £3 million per claim. This valuable cover is provided at no additional cost to you.
  • Even without the insurance, as a client of an SRA-regulated firm, if something goes wrong and you lose money, the SRA compensation fund may reimburse you, and the SRA may help you get documents back.

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Why Not Use a Claims Management Company to Bring My Sexual Abuse Claim?

You may have come across claims management companies when researching lawyers to bring sexual abuse claims. These companies often act as middlemen between clients and lawyers. Here are three reasons why you should choose Donoghue Solicitors over a claims management company:

  1. Because we are a firm of solicitors we will deal with your case from start to finish. This makes the difficult job of talking about your sexual abuse claim much easier. You will not have to repeat your instructions or waste valuable time which could make the difference between your claim succeeding or failing (read our page on time limits in sexual assault and physical abuse claims to find out why).
  2. As regulated solicitors, we are fair and transparent in our fees, which you can read all about here. Some claims management companies take a cut of victims’ damages and legal costs despite doing little more than referring claims to solicitors. You can avoid that by instructing solicitors like us direct.
  3. And when you speak to us you will find out from an expert, qualified lawyer if you have a claim. Many claims management companies employ unqualified call-centre claims handlers. We do not. From the moment you contact us you will only deal with Donoghue Solicitors staff and our hand-picked team of experts and consultants, all dedicated to helping you get the justice you deserve. (“Justice” in civil claims can take many forms, which we explain on our sexual abuse compensation calculators and other remedies page.)

Should I Use a Big Law Firm to Bring My Sexual Abuse Compensation Claims?

Before getting in touch, you should know that we:

  1. are a comparatively small solicitors’ firm
  2. only represent claimants, never insurers.

Both these things are by choice.

Although being small limits the amount of sexual abuse compensation claims we can take, it means that we can focus completely on supporting our clients and fighting for their legal rights.

Most importantly, our clients tell us that they prefer this approach. It means that they deal with a small group of people they can get to know on a first-name basis who are dedicated to fighting for innocent victims’ rights.

Claims for sexual abuse can take a long time and, at times, be difficult for clients and lawyers to deal with. Building a trusting and supportive relationship is important for everyone and helps give these claims the best chance of success.

Another benefit of being small is that we do not

  1. make our lawyers meet billable hours targets
  2. pay bonuses based on settled claims.

This is unlike lawyers in some bigger firms. Read why we think this approach is best here.

Who Will Represent Me at Donoghue Solicitors?

Donoghue Solicitors team of expert sexual abuse lawyers includes:

Photo of Kevin Donoghue, a solicitor who helps people bring sexual abuse claims.

Contact Kevin Donoghue to bring your sexual abuse claims.

Kevin Donoghue

Kevin Donoghue leads the firm as Solicitor Director. You can read all about him here. Mr Donoghue is a nationally respected solicitor who writes and comments extensively about the law including sexual abuse. For example, in this blog post, he reviewed an ITV documentary and asked if it would help end sexual abuse by police officers.


Daniel Fitzsimmons

Daniel Fitzsimmons is a qualified Chartered Legal Executive with over 10 years’ experience in dealing with complex litigation including abuse and assault claims. As a senior litigator within Donoghue Solicitors, he conducts heavyweight and high-value cases and supervises others in the department.

Mr Fitzsimmons is especially well-known for his work in sexual abuse claims against the police and other public bodies.

Find out more about Daniel here.


Kemmi Alfa

Kemmi Alfa is also a legally-qualified Chartered Legal Executive. While Kemmi is sympathetic and supportive to her clients, she is also a fierce advocate for their rights. You can trust Kemmi to devote herself to your fight for justice.

Read about Kemmi here.

Photo of Jack Hudson, a Trainee Chartered Legal Executive who helps with sexual abuse compensation claims.

Speak to Jack Hudson about claiming sexual abuse compensation.

Jack Hudson

Jack Hudson is a Trainee Chartered Legal Executive. He is an experienced litigator who has an excellent track record of success and is known for his “professional, helpful and pleasant” manner.

Read more about Jack here.

All APIL members

Sexual abuse claims usually involve personal injuries (including psychiatric injury). For this reason, our fully qualified legal experts are all members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), a lawyer-led organisation dedicated to helping personal injury victims.

Why Should I Use a Civil Lawyer if I Have Been Sexually Abused at Work?

Civil litigators, like the legal experts here at Donoghue Solicitors, work in the specialist field of compensation claims. Every working day we fight for the rights of innocent victims.

We can help you claim compensation if physical, emotional, and/ or mental abuse at work results in you suffering a physical and/or psychiatric injury (including post-traumatic stress disorder in some cases).

But because we specialise in civil claims, we won’t advise you on the rights or wrongs of unfair dismissal if you have been sexually and/or physically abused by your employer. But we can help you get compensation and justice if you have been abused.

Even though we don’t handle employment law matters. We can put you in touch with an employment lawyer if necessary.

How Do I Claim Sexual Abuse Compensation With Donoghue Solicitors?

Contact us using

  1. the online form on this page, or
  2. call 08000 124 246 to speak to us in confidence.

Before you get in touch, you might find it easier to read our page: What is involved in bringing a sexual abuse claim, so you know the kinds of questions we will ask.

We look forward to helping you with your sexual abuse claims.