Stuart Wragg

Rating: *****

There are so many law firms out there today that promise to deliver a quality and professional service and while I can’t say there are some bad ones, as I am sure there are, I can definately recommend Donoghue Solicitors as an initial point of contact when considering taking action against the Police. I can speak from 1st hand experience that the firms Director, Kevin Donoghue, is bang on the money when it comes to taking on the Police. His wealth of experience and knowledge in how to “play the game” and get the desired result for clients is to his credit and tenacity. An honourable man, when there are so many charlatans out there ready to take your money and run, who understands that true justice can be achieved if only you know how. This guy knows how and I personally recommend you contact Donoghue Solicitors in the first instance. Wishing Kevin and his team continued successes in the fight against Police injustice

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