Will the Olympics help avoid accidents at work?

One of the buzzwords of the recent London Olympics and Paralympics was ‘legacy’.

All involved aspired to create lasting improvements in infrastructure, social and personal improvements for the East London area, and the country as a whole through the promotion of sporting activities and welfare, particularly to disadvantaged people.

Donoghue Solicitors are playing their part in this too by representing the family of a worker on a nearby business park who was sadly killed while operating a mobile elevated working platform (MEWP).

Kevin Donoghue, Principal at Donoghue Solicitors, is representing the family on a ‘no win no fee’ basis in the personal injury litigation involving a work accident.

Kevin explains, ‘my client was operating the MEWP at height. The control column of the platform became jammed due to debris being caught in it. As a result, he was forced upwards towards a roofline, where his neck became jammed against it. Sadly, he was asphyxiated.’

A Health and Safety investigation confirmed that the faulty equipment was to blame for the tragic accident.

Mr. Donoghue continues, ‘my client might have survived if those on the ground knew how to operate the machinery. It was the failure to ensure there were trained staff nearby which compounded the initial failure to maintain the machinery.’

As a result of the investigation, and Kevin Donoghue’s pursuit of damages on behalf of the bereaved family, the Olympic Delivery Authority issued a report in October 2011 in which they tested the response on an Olympic Park site. They found that the lack of trained operatives on the ground was a significant issue and recommended further training.

Kevin Donoghue says of the report, ‘the failings of the contractors in my client’s case had not been learned by the time the scenario was re-created. It is not enough to simply issue a report and ‘recommend’ action when lives are at stake.’

Kevin continues to fight for the victim’s family to receive compensation. As he points out, ‘although nothing will bring him back, we hope that my client did not die in vain and that no other families have to suffer due to this preventable failing.’

Kevin Donoghue, Solicitor and Principal of Donoghue Solicitors, can be contacted on 08000 124 246 for assistance on accident at work personal injury claims.